Designing an inspection app that helps mining workplaces meet safety standards.

(dba GroundHog Apps)
UX, UI, Web design, App design
Ganesh Prabhu
RapidInspect WPE Project Preview showing the interface on web, tablet, and mobile screens.


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Streamlining open-pit mine safety inspections by replacing paper-based safety reports with a digital platform that enables recording and sharing hazards at mines and quarries to reduce response time and prevent accidents.



The product has two components — web and mobile. However, the web and mobile aspects of the system have different functions.


Users can view mine hazard and safety information at a glance by looking at the dashboard on the web, tablet, or mobile.

The web version has a real-time hazard distribution map, showing any active hazards reported on-site.

Dashboard page for rapidInspect, giving general hazard info to the user, and the hazard distribution map. The user can also view hazards by due date.

Reporting hazards

Mine operators can report hazards on their mobile phones / tablets, by filing out a work order form in the app. 

A record of the form is logged and the hazard status can be tracked any time in the app (on mobile, tablet, or web).

Performing inspections

Operators can perform regular workplace safety check inspections using the app on the web, tablet, or mobile.

Scheduling inspections

Inspections can be scheduled by mine managers and supervisors using the web app.

rapidInspect App showing the scheduler screen on the Web

Building custom forms

Mine managers and supervisors can create custom inspection templates using the Form Builder module on the web.

Templates that are published are displayed as inspection forms across all device types, and can be accessed by operators when performing routine workplace inspections.

The Form Builder module for RapidInspect showing a template being made in the web app.

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