Anith Vishwanath

Product Designer

Toronto-based multidisciplinary designer helping clients and companies shape purposeful, scalable, and user-focused digital experiences.

Open to full-time and contract opportunities.

Selected works

(Project passwords upon request)

What others say

“I absolutely enjoyed whenever I was collaborating with Anith because of his ability to manage timelines for projects, his organization, and the in-depth knowledge he had on UX design in terms of libraries, components, aligning designs to branding, and more. I worked with Anith on 2 separate NCR design projects and he had an eye for detail while still keeping in-mind the big-picture and overall design. Anith has such a love for learning and is always so enthusiastic to take on any challenge no matter how big or small. I truly learned so much from Anith not just through his design work, but also through the learning sessions he would hold where he would teach about design libraries, components, colors, and typography.”

“I really enjoyed working with Anith on NCR’s Retail product / UX design team. When we needed to simplify complex user flows, I could always count on Anith to easily collaborate with stakeholders and deliver quality designs. I appreciate his positive energy, proactive communication and attention to detail.”

“I have worked with Anith in NCR for 2 years. He has been a great colleague, diligent, organised and a team player. His ability of self learning and sharing these expertise beyond his own projects helped the team grow and learn as well. He has excellent communication skills and eye for detail when it comes to designing. He built simple solution for complex functionalities, an inherent trait of his user centric and intuitive approach. Would love to work back with him again in the future.”